• Chelle Green

Stitch Fix Deal #3 - Facebook (pickup)

Here's another great deal with Stitch Fix! Facebook Market Place is the place to be on the internet to sell or buy anything today. Craig's List goodbye! Anyways, Market & Spruce is one of the biggest brands from Stitch Fix. I saw this shirt on Facebook and I couldn't believe the price. The catch was you had to pick it up at the seller's home. Luckily for me, I has an appointment in the area the day I picked up this cute shirt so I didn't waste extra time and gas. The best part was I actually bargained and paid only $10 for the shirt, not $15. Facebook Market Place isn't always the best place to find Stitch Fix clothes because there isn't a big selection. But, If you keep your eye out, you might just find the right deal.

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