• Chelle Green

Stitch Fix Deal #2 - ThredUP

Here's another way to find Stitch Fix Clothing for more than 50% off the price, it's called ThredUP. I love ThredUP! There's always new clothes posted everyday. The search bar is a bit different than Poshmark. You actually have to search for the actual brand. If you love Stitch Fix like me, you know at least a handful of brands. I love 41Hawthorn. Here's a really cute dress perfect for the spring, summer, and fall. You can wear this with sandals or with tights and boots. I saved $57 from buying with ThredUP vs Stitch Fix! The best part with ThredUP is you can return clothing that doesn't fit right for a small restock fee. Helpful hint, if you save up your points on ThredUP, you can redeem your points to wave the fee.

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