• Chelle Green

Stitch Fix Deal #1 - Poshmark

Everyone likes to save a few dollars or two. Well how about $40??

I love Stitch Fix so much, but it can be pricey at times. Plus they try to convince you to purchase all 5 Stitch Fix items in the box to save 25%, but you know that one shirt doesn't look right on you. I found a new way to get your Stitch Fix, but paying less than 50% of the asking price. Here's what I did and you can do the same!

I love selling a lot of my used clothes on Poshmark. I decided to look in the search bar for Stitch Fix. I was shocked how many people sell New with Tags clothing from Stitch Fix! I recently bought a pair of teal green shorts for the summer, and i wanted to find a few new shirts to match. I found this pretty floral shirt from Skies are Blue by Stitch Fix. On Poshmark you can bargain with the seller for a decent price. I couldn't believe it I got a brand new shirt from Stitch Fix for $7! Yes that's right, $7!! Looking online for the actual shirt price was even more shocking- $48! I saved $41 buying from Poshmark. What a great deal! The only thing with Poshmark is shipping price is $7.11 and of course tax. Even so, the savings are still at a great price!

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