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RoseLand Warehouse Page 4

Just when I was about to settle in at my cashier desk, Medina walks towards me with this awkwardly tall man that wears his work shirt two sizes too small. He looks like he doesn't want to be bothered with me. Medina states in an annoyed way, "This is Nigel, the lead supervisor of this place. Don't talk to him or ask him any questions". Wow, I said to myself, this guy couldn't be any lazier. Nigel gazed at me for a brief second as if he was reading my mind, and stated in a monotone voice," I like to put my feet up all day here and not to be bothered. If you can do that, you will get along here just fine. Remember Kelly, Medina runs this place. Don't bother me". I looked at him as a lazy sack of shit, and all I could say was "sure" in a perky response. I didn't even bother to correct him with my actual name. Medina throws a RoseLand work shirt at me. "Starting tomorrow, this is your new uniform. Wear it or else", Medina said in a stern voice while she walked away with Nigel.

"Uh, Hi I'm Stu Stone, I will be training you for the rest of this week", said this bald head guy that looks like a turtle. " Everyone usually starts at this position first, then we eventually move around. I now do the receiving end of the merchandise", he said in a glorified voice. After the numerous times of handling customer's pick up orders and returns, I pretty much got it down pat. It's not rocket science. Stu was amazed how fast I caught on being a cashier. He ran so quick to the supervisor's office to tell them, but honestly, I think he just didn't want to deal with the customers anymore and this was his way of scamming. Stu leaves the supervisors office and tells me in a excited voice, "Since you know what your doing, I'm out of here". He left so fast as if his feet were on fire.

So the day is almost done, and no one told me about a lunch break. Medina comes out of the supervisor office with a grin on her face. She approached me and grunted out, "Lunch is a privilege. Today, no lunch for you and you better get used to it working as a cashier. We don't play games here, we work all day. I don't want to hear it or you will be transferred to another warehouse. We make our rules here, regardless what the guidelines are". Before I could open my mouth to speak, she was gone. Note to self, eat a big breakfast before coming to work tomorrow. This place seems like it's backwards. I can't wait to go home. I can only imagine what's in store for me tomorrow.

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