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When I got home, Bryan was hanging out on the couch as usual with his feet on the coffee table watching one of his shows. He looks possessed when he watches his TV shows. He has his right hand stuck to the control like gorilla glue, and he left hand is stuck in a bag of potato chips. His eyes are so focused on the TV, you would swear he never blinked. Plus, he needs to have the surround sound on to the point you can't hear yourself talk and the walls are vibrating. One day he will need hearing aids, mark my words.

Finally, Bryan sees me standing in the doorway, with his crazy eyes from watching the TV, and pauses his show. “Hey babe, how was your day at work”, he stated in a fast pace, which means he wants to get back to his show ASAP. He’s not going to be happy with my response. “Well, maybe you should turn off the TV so we can talk about work”, I said in a serious statement. The first thing that blurts out of Bryan’s mouth with giggling was, “you’re fired?!” I cracked up with a big grin on my face just like the Joker from Batman. “No, No, how about working undercover at the RoseLand Warehouse as a cashier”. Bryan sprung up so fast from the chair he was glued to as if he won the lottery. “Secret Agent Chelle, I like the sound of it”, he said in a sarcastic tone. I couldn’t deal with Bryan anymore being a smart ass, so I just discussed with him briefly what’s going on at RoseLand. He seems thrilled about it, and happy about this experience. All I know is, I’m going to enjoy my weekend with Bryan, and next week starts my new adventure.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Ugh, is it 6am already? I have to be at RoseLand Warehouse at 8am, and be ready to go. Thankfully the commute to that warehouse is only a half hour drive with traffic. Better than my 2 hour commute on the bright side of things. 

I pulled up to the RoseLand Warehouse at 7:30am, and of course there’s no parking! Here I am circling around like an idiot trying to find a spot. I never understood why we don’t have a parking lot. Now it’s 7:45am and I’m still looking around like a lunatic. Note to self, tell Mr. Scott about the parking situation. 

Wait a minute, I see someone walking to their car. I started to follow the woman, but not too close. I don’t want the woman to think I’m a creep, but I really need a parking spot.  She finally goes in her red minivan, and takes off. Yes! The spot is mine, until  someone cuts me off and takes it. What a jerk! The jerk gets out of his car and says, “you snooze, you lose Lady. Better luck next time”. Finally I found a spot at 7:54am. What a first day of working here, and I didn’t even start yet.

I finally walked into the RoseLand warehouse into the lobby. It almost feels like a DMV. The dreading waiting in line, the employees at the window have attitudes, along with they make you wait until eternity to get called and of course you have the wrong paperwork.  Here I am sitting here patiently, thinking to myself, what did I get myself into. Finally my name is called, “Chelle?” I stood up like a tree and said “yes, that’s me”. And this little lady, not even close to five feet tall opens a secret door on the side of the lobby and I follow her into the unknown.

“Hello there Chelle my name is Medina. I am the assistant manager here at RoseLand Warehouse”, she said in a firm, but somewhat friendly voice (or so I thought).

So after I fill out all the 45 pages of the apparently necessary paperwork to be an employee with RoseLand Warehouse, Medina took me to the cashier windows. I really shouldn’t say windows, more looks like a prison with the glass between the inmates and visitors with that disgusting old rotten phone that used be white but turned into the puke yellow color. I can only imagine which customers come here to buy/pickup products.  “Here’s your cashier desk, Ellie”, Medina said in a snotty way. “Um, it’s Chelle and thank you”, I said in a polite way. “Yeah yeah yeah whatever new girl”, Medina said in an I don’t care attitude. 

“Hi there new girl, remember me?”, he said with a cocky voice. I turned around and was shocked. My jaw dropped to the floor, and I felt really angry at that moment. I said in a pissed off voice, “ yeah, you’re the jerkoff that took my parking spot this morning , great you work here too!” He smirked and pranced around stating, “ that’s right and get used to it”. Then he whispered in my ear stating, “ I run this place, whether you like it or not”.  He walked away as if his shit don’t stink. I didn’t even get his name, and honestly, I don’t even care at this point.

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