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The rest of the week at work was the same dragging boring self. How many reports to prepare for next week? When is our next marginal project due? The dry cut paperwork that everyone dreads like the plague. Mr. Scott didn't even mention anything else to me about RoseLand warehouse, as if it never happened, non-existent. I found this quite odd to believe. But of course, Mr. Scott reminded everyone in the office about the annual pumpkin picking event at the Hay House Adventure Farm this Saturday.

I always drag Bryan to the office's annual pumpkin picking. Bryan loves going with me, especially he always picks the most biggest and ugliest pumpkin he can find. A lot of my co-workers find Bryan entertaining and I just go along with it. Maybe this time he will pick out a normal pumpkin, or so I thought. We finally got to the Hay House Adventure Farm and we see a bunch of my co-workers and of course, Mr. Scott in his neon orange colored shirt with Jungle Corporation written on the front in bold black. He almost looks like a pumpkin. We said our hello's to Mr. Scott, and walked towards the pumpkin picking patch. The field was filled with over a thousand pumpkins, plus most of them were still on the vine. Big pumpkins, small pumpkins, skinny long pumpkins, short fat pumpkin in all different shades of orange, yellow, and green. It was pumpkin city. While gazing into the field, I kept hearing my name being called. "Hey Chelle", Bryan stated , "what do you think of this pumpkin, it looks so bad-ass with that crusty look". I stared at this enormous pumpkin that was so obnoxiously fat looking. I didn't even want to tell him it's not fitting in our little Honda car. I shook my head and rolled my eyes saying , "you're out of your mind, I don't even think we can get this pumpkin in our car!" Bryan got all defensive and slapping the pumpkin stating, "we can tie this bad boy on top of our roof". I looked at him with three heads and all I could say was, "you're crazy!" He laugh and said, "yup, crazy for you". I couldn't win, so we drove home with this fat, ugly pumpkin strapped to the roof of our Honda. Everyone down The highway cars was honking and laughing, I was so embarrassed. The worst part was, that pumpkin costed him over one hundred dollars, and when we got home, the pumpkin rolled off our roof and splattered all over the driveway. Well I guess the joke's on him....

Next week at work was the same old nonsense, until Thursday rolled around. As soon as I walked into work, Mr. Scott was waiting for me at my cubical. He was tapping his foot looking around for me. When he saw me, he looked like he won a prize. His face was glowing with his huge smile. Mr. Scott stated in a chipping voice, "Chelle, I have great news, let's go to my office. I've been waiting for you all morning." I was thinking to myself oh dear is this about the missing phones. I'm dreading to go into his office. I looked at Mr. Scott and just nodded yes.  When we got into his office, he shut the door and told me to take a seat. Mr. Scott sat in his big office chair, and pulled out a big stack of files from his desk. Mr. Scott stated, "this is your turn to shine Chelle. I've been thinking what to do about RoseLand Warehouse, and finally the light bulb turned on! I want you to go work for RoseLand warehouse, but as a new employee". Before he said another word, I cut off Mr. Scott, "are you saying I'll be working undercover?" He jumped out of his big desk chair and shouted "Yes! Precisely!". I looked at him in a funny way and mumbled to myself, what is this man getting me into. Mr. Scott sat back down and continued, "Chelle, they don't even know who you are and you know our cooperation pretty damn well. If I didn't trust you, you wouldn't be in this position. These files here are the employees that work at RoseLand warehouse. I want you to go over them this weekend and you will start on Monday at RoseLand as a cashier". "Wait wait wait", I said frantically. "You're telling me this Monday I'm starting at RoseLand. This is such short notice Mr. Scott". Mr. Scott said in a smooth voice, "how about you still get your salary here and I'll even pay you extra for being a cashier too. You will get such great experience by working hands on." I hesitated, but I told him sure, why not. He was thrilled. Mr. Scott firmly stated, "I want a report emailed to me once a week in regards to the workers at RoseLand warehouse to get an idea on their work ethics and investigate the missing phones. If we figure out the sucker that stole the phones, they will be sorry." I said, "Mr. Scott I won't let you down. This will be a challenge, but I got this." I got up, shook Mr. Scott's hand and started walking towards the door. Right before I made it out of his office, Mr. Scott stated, "Chelle, one more thing, the co-workers at RoseLand warehouse do act odd from what I'm hearing. It's apparently a strange place to work at. Just be open-minded." I have no idea what he meant by that comment, I just said, "no problem" and I walked out as fast as I can while shutting the door... When I was driving home that evening from work, I kept questioning myself if I made a deal with the devil. I feel like this is way too much for someone like me to handle, and way above my pay grade. At the end of the day, it isn't forever this undercover position. And that's what I'm going to keep telling myself, but I wonder how Bryan is going to feel about this.

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