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Okay so where do I begin? My name is Chelle Green, and I'm a successful 31 year old woman. I went to Elite college on a full scholarship for business. I met my husband, who just means the world to me. I landed this amazing job right out of college. The CEO of Jungle corporation was very impressed with my interview and education. What sold him was I told him I will be one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. So, he hired me for the challenge. And boy, I proved him wrong. I've been working for the CEO of Jungle Corporation for a little over five years now. I love my position and my co-workers. I'm an administrator secretary for the CEO. I write out the reports on all of our warehouses across the globe on how much profit is being made each quarter. I would say my job is pretty boring, but that's all going to change. I discovered the audits for the jungle warehouse in RoseLand weren't adding up with our electronics department. They were claiming their numbers were within the margin of sales, but when I accessed the computer audit system it showed how too many electronics were damaged and missing. The light bulb went on in my head, and I have to show the CEO. 

I walked into the CEO's office. The office has an amazing view over the river with the leaves falling off the trees in an amber rose color. The sun was shining bright today, the perfect day to take off to go Apple picking, but in reality I was stuck here at work. I said, "Mr. Scott, remember when you told me when I find out something doesn't add up with our marginal numbers to let you know". Mr. Scott, stated sarcastically  "what do you have me for me now Chelle? Another ridiculous number off by 1?" I stated, "actually no, how about the electronics in the RoseLand warehouse are off by at least 250 items and this is only for this month". Mr. Scott's face turned bright red, you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears. Mr. Scott yelled, " do these people know how hard it was for my grandfather to start this business and they think they can rob me!" I took a deep breath in and trying to give him the paperwork and softly I said "Mr. Scott do you want to see the paperwork?" He nodded yes. Mr. Scott was looking at the paperwork for over ten minutes and kept writing all over the number figures I gave him. Finally Mr. Scott looks up at me and stated, "your definitely right Chelle, they can't get away with this!" 

Mr. Scott told me he will get back to me about this issue sometime next week. He claims he needs to evaluate with the VP on what to do next. Before I left his office, Mr. Scott stated, "Chelle, now I remember why I hired you. You're always on top of your game. You will be involved in our next promotional project". I smiled at him and said thank you.

I finally just got home from my ridiculous two hour commute. I can't stand driving in rush hour, but hey that's where the money is and I love my job.

Over the usual Taco Tuesday dinner with my husband, I was dying to tell him about work today. He doesn't really take much interest from my boring job and I don't blame him, but I finally have an interesting story. 

"Bryan I'm so excited to tell you what happened today at work! I finally caught the RoseLand warehouse fudging up numbers with the electronics department, not just any electronics, it's with those new cellphone' s that have been sold out for over six months". Bryan raised his left eyebrow and stated, "your talking about the new MAW3000 phones?" I had a big grin on my face and I just shook my head up and down. Bryan took out his phone and it seemed like he was doing some research. Bryan finally looked up at me and stated, "you know those phones are retailed at $900each?" I was shocked, I didn't realized those phones are that much money. Maybe that's why Mr. Scott had to rethink what to do next with the RoseLand warehouse. Bryan looked at me with his head tilted and said," by any chance do you know how many were taken from that warehouse.? Probably like 1 or 2 right.." I said to him in a calm voice, "ummm, at least 250." As soon as he heard that number 2-5-0, the piece of taco that he was chewing on, spit right out of his mouth onto the table and he was coughing like a chain smoker. He was speechless! He took out his phone again and was doing more research. He finally took a deep breath and said, " you know that's $225,000 that's missing. That's a serious crime". I took a step back from what he said, and I realized this issue isn't going away anytime soon, and I have a gut feeling I'll be more involved in this situation sooner than I anticipated.

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